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Friday, 21 April 2017

My Summer Foundation | DiorSkin Star review

I'm writing this when I should be working. So get ready for a far-too-long preface because I'm awkward when I need to share any personal information. Actually, I'll be writing this to myself because I'll probably forget all about this in three months or so and I'll need this to remember my foundation routine.

A quick note: I have acne-prone, sensitive, combination skin. 
I am a pale woman. Pale, pale, yellow-tinted white. 
Often dehydrated, my face is swathed in redness, and I have Rudolph's red nose.

I never thought I'd say "my summer foundation". I don't tan, I don't spend time outside. Through trial and error I learned that when beauty companies say their shades are for 'light' or 'fair' skin, and when beauty bloggers say they're "oh so fair, omg!", what they mean is in fact 'less than a suntan'. On me these shades always equaled Oompa Loompa or Pink Marshmallow face. Certainly no foundation in my country's drugstore counters will do.

Until this summer, I made do with concealers. My routine includes color correcting with Loreal True Match concealer in shade N1 Ivory, Loreal Magicque Lumi Highlighting concealer in shade 1 Light, NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Chantilly, and MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NC15.
Side Note: At some point I bought IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness Correcting Cream, which I realized too late is faaar too orange and dark on me, but due to its masking abilities and hydrating properties made for a great undereye corrector and cream blusher on my skin. In fact, until last month I mostly just used IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness Correcting Cream under the eyes and on my cheeks and nose, and used on the jawline a mix of whichever concealers fit me on the day. You know the cute look of freckles over the nose and apples of the cheeks? This was my version of it!

If I wore a foundation at all it was either NARS Sheer Glow in Siberia (my perfect match!) or Loreal True Match in W1 (which oxidizes a bit pinkish on me but still pale enough to pass).

Then two days ago I found the DiorSkin Star foundation in the back of my base products drawer. I bought it two years ago when I sank my money into far too many foundations. This one I bought from a Chinese website, which seemed to be the only place that carried shade 011. The reason I looked so hard for this particular shade was that it promised to be a yellow-based shade pale enough to match me (this is before I found NARS' Siberia). Big surprise, it was far too dark on me. I was very disappointed, and banished it far enough into the back of my base products drawer that I'd hopefully forget the sting of spending $80 on it.

So two days ago I pulled out this foundation, and thought I'd use it the same way I use my IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness Color Corrector. Why not? Well, imagine my surprise! It looks great all over! I must have caught some sun sometime because there isn't an obvious foundation line down my neck. There is a teenty-tiny bit of difference, but nothing that needs to be covered up with concealer if I don't feel like it. I am... flummoxed... because NARS Siberia still looks good on me. I guess the difference is in if I want to have my winter shade or my summer shade.
APPLICATION TIP: I first use MAC Fix Plus as primer to add hydration. >> I apply the foundation with a Beauty Blender. >> I press and roll IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Pressed Powder using its included puff on the T-Zone (center forehead, nose, cheeks, chin) to lock it in. This mattifies the glowing foundation, but that's the look (and durability) I prefer.  >> I brush Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light under the eyes, on the jaw, and down the neck. If needed, I also lightly pass a fluffy face brush with this powder all over the face to remove any white-cast from the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Pressed Powder. >> I seal it all with Skindinavia's Bridal Finishing Spray.

OVERALL IMPRESSION: The foundation is glowy. It's a beautiful glow, but on my skin can develop into a high-sheen in a matter of hours unless powdered down with the right formula (as explained above). The scent is mild, not as strong as the Lancome foundation I tried (though that could be because it's two years down the road). The foundation does not emphasize texture, doesn't sink into my lines or pores with or without primer (though it's of course better with a primer) and lasts fantastically throughout the day. More importantly, it doesn't seem to irritate my skin whatsoever!

While oiliness shows through on my nose and chin at the end of the day (close to 12 hours), the foundation is still there (it doesn't disintegrate badly), my undereye wrinkles and crepe texture aren't accentuated, the foundation hasn't sunk into my large pores, and my jaw's dry texture hasn't cracked through. In short, I'm left with a smooth look at the end of the day!

All this, makes DiorSkin STAR foundation in shade 011, my Summer Foundation. 

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Farewell 2016

2016 was not a good year. It honestly seemed to be a bad year on a depressing level for nearly everyone. Really up there with despairing of humanity. Mine started really bad but even-keeled at the end, mainly because I decided to forget the first half. Then November happened (anyone else spend it in bed?) and it took my family (and holiday shopping) to make me get over it. 
So, I'm happy to welcome a new year, clean and fresh out of the box! Yes, it comes with '16's baggage, but don't we all? So from me to you, 
and may this one be better than the last

Saturday, 15 October 2016


I'm posting now to prove that even this blog can be a phoenix and rise from the ashes of... Honestly, I just forgot about this space. Which is fair, because I also forgot about my business blog, so see, it evens out.

I've looked at my drafts folder, and there are 15 makeup posts saved in there from April of last year. I don't remember what makeup I wore then, but apparently I loved false lashes and had much to say about other beauty finds, like lip balm. Seems moot to post all these now, since my favourite lip balm is different, I've found a mascara that can hold a curl, and also I've finally found foundations and concealers for my pale skin (no more orange face at age 30! Woot! Woot!) - Not that it stops me from loading online carts with other options, but a gal can go insane watching makeup collection vids on youtube.

My obsessions have indeed changed somewhat. My wallet, for a short while, thanked me. First of all, I spend hours online scouting furniture that I'm never going to buy. Partly because it'll cost a fortune to get to my house, but mostly because I am commitment-phobe (Yes, with furniture). Also, sitting on the floor isn't so bad. But my latest money pit is buying pinup-style clothes online. See, I gained a bit of weight when I turned 30 (I was shocked, too!) and gave away a lot of clothes I hardly wore. I was so proud of myself! Then I spent a few months in nothing bout lounge wear (not ashamed), and then found online shops for retro style clothes (god damn you Top Vintage!). So naturally I went from a capsule wardrobe to spending thousands on clothes I don't need. Why?! I work from home. Really, when am I ever out of pyjamas? It hurts, ya'll.

So, I didn't die. Just went stupid. I do miss those livejournal days when I blabbered on and on online about life and hobbies. Now instead I spend days - DAYS! - looking for the best vanity mirror online (you know, the kind that looks glamorous, but magnifies your skin to a degree you want to kill yourself? That one.) and frankly, who in their right mind would want to read about that? I don't even want to live through it!

Yeah, ok, I'll write about it. Give me a year.

Photo taken at dear friends' wedding, circa 2014

Monday, 22 June 2015

High on coffee

My hair is still frizzy, ugh. Anyone has miracle suggestions?

Anyways, look at this cute mini perfume bottle! I paid way too much for it and I'm going to spill it all over, I just know it, but who can resist a cute miniature? Someone who's dead inside, that's who!

I realized today I have 30 lipsticks and glosses. That's a far cry from the iconic 5 colors I started out with, insisting those are all I'm ever going to need. I haven't even opened two-thirds of them, by the way, but apparently for any one color I also need 5 shades and finishes, because they're just so different. Also, packaging. Who needs this many lip products? A junkie, that's who! #sorrynotsorry

And now I'm speaking in hashtag, someone stop this hipster.

I am full of life today, and about 4 liters of sugared coffee. I have to test which lipsticks last, ok?
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