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H E L L O ! My name is Naomi Shiek (pronounced CHIC).
I've been very fortunate to have my own small independent atelier called Woodland Papercuts. This is my private blog exploring my favorite things in beauty & design.

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Monday, 22 June 2015

High on coffee

My hair is still frizzy, ugh. Anyone has miracle suggestions?

Anyways, look at this cute mini perfume bottle! I paid way too much for it and I'm going to spill it all over, I just know it, but who can resist a cute miniature? Someone who's dead inside, that's who!

I realized today I have 30 lipsticks and glosses. That's a far cry from the iconic 5 colors I started out with, insisting those are all I'm ever going to need. I haven't even opened two-thirds of them, by the way, but apparently for any one color I also need 5 shades and finishes, because they're just so different. Also, packaging. Who needs this many lip products? A junkie, that's who! #sorrynotsorry

And now I'm speaking in hashtag, someone stop this hipster.

I am full of life today, and about 4 liters of sugared coffee. I have to test which lipsticks last, ok?

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

My new pet!

OK, it's a rock. A pretty garden rock. Shaped like a hedgehog. It's the best sort of pet! Fits on my desk, doesn't need food or water, and will cuddle.

Look at its fat little body, it's so cute! I wouldn't cheat on my little peanut-shaped dog anyways (who's actually my mom's dog, but loves me best. YAAAS!) Which reminds me, a cuddle-session with her is long-overdue.

Clearly I'm on a lot of frozen yogurt ice cream and mocha coffee, and steaming through orders. Go me!

Thursday, 23 April 2015


There are days my work and body are fighting each other. I have a hard time getting out of bed and staying awake, no matter how many hours of sleep I get. Daily gym visits, pills and supplements, and the spring sun aren't making an impact so far, and my unwavering fatigue is still reigning strong. Nothing helps, and fighting sleep becomes harder throughout the day.

I hate how this has influenced my work. Last year I had 18+ work days, I didn't go to sleep until every email was answered. These days I'm lucky if I can stay awake for 12 hours work and complete my daily design tasks, let alone answer all the emails. Now people can wait for 2-3 days for a reply, and I hate that!

Even now, it's 3 in the afternoon and I am knackered. Seriously yawning non-stop, eyes hurt, feeling lethargic, and I have 8 emails and 3 papercuts to go before I can sleep. What gives??

What do you do to wake yourself up? Any healthy life tips?


Monday, 20 April 2015

Argan Oil - a Miracle serum for my skin

I bought this on a whim after reading a blog post about The Moroccan Argan Oil Company on my bloglovin' feed (can' find the blog or the post again, sorry!), and finding this article on the benefits of argan oil for skin. I have very sensitive combination skin, which means I have breakouts, uneven skin tone, and my skin is both oily and dehydrated in different zones. I think it's called Combination Oily Dry? How about Just A Nightmare?

I received my 50mil bottle yesterday, and I'm not kidding - I already feel and see a difference! The oil is goo-ey and sticky when first rubbed on the skin, but settles into a silky smooth canvas. It also gives me a subtle glow like I'm using a radiance primer. My cheeks aren't as pink, which I think is because the oil protects me against the heater blast (damn winter!) and I swear my one pesky acne scar looks less pigmented today after 2 uses of the oil.

As a skin treatment and makeup primer, this is a 5 stars investment in my eyes, at a quarter of the price of other serums and creams that profess to do the same, I'm so happy I gambled on this!


UPDATE: Since writing this last month I also read this review by Shameless Fripperies on her favorite face oils, and consequently bought Trilogy's Rosehip Oil, and I love it, too! I mix it with my Argan oil and concentrate its application on my acne scars.
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